Hello! I appreciate the answers I've gotten and the help received!
Follwoing Crunchie's advice and the advice of a friend of my sister's, Adaware and Spybot were added to my computer. After running it, a bunch of junk was found, we could get rid of all except 4 of them that are now lurking. We saw them and now they are beyond our reach, what can be done about it? I'm behind a firewall, but things want to communicate with things and every now and then, a pop-up will come up that lets me know that I still have scumware hiding in my machine. Should I ignore it? Thank you so much for your continued assistance.:cool:

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If you don't allready have it, get a copy of hijackthis, create a new folder for it, run it, and post the log on these forums. We will further instruct you on how to solve your problem.


The trial version is fully functional, imagine that. It is pretty easy to use. The thing I found is that it does pay to look through all the different menu's. It will remove things like paltalk and incredimail, if you let it. But it does give you the option of not removing them and keeping them permanently. It will protect your IE start page, etc. I like it alot.

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