I've just ran the online virus scan, and it found 4 infected files that could not be healed. I don't know if I should delete them or not. I've checked for viruses with AVG but it doesn't even find these viruses. The viruses are called Troj Briss.A (in file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\jao.dll), Troj Muss.A (in file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\sysapp.exe), Troj Delf.RA (in file C:\WINDOWS\2_0_1browserhelper2.dll), and Troj Revop.A (in file C:\pup.exe). What should I do with them? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! thnx...

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Yes, I would delete all of those files. You may have to be in safe mode. Get there by tapping F8 whilst booting up.
In order to view these files you may have to select 'show hidden files/folders.' Instructions on how to here.


*Phew* I managed to delete the infected files, and it didn't seem to do any bigger harm to the computer. Now i'm just curious; What do those viruses really do? What would have happened if I wouldn't have deleted the infected files?


They can corrupt files on your computer, rendering them unusable. Can & do use most of your computers resources, leaving nothing for the legitimate programs. Can also get sent on to ppl in your email address book etc.



A Virus is a computer program that affects your computer by doing unethical / unautorized modifications to your computer.

For example, Solitare opens a screen where you can play cards. That is what you expected it to do. You authorized your computer to play cards. But what if it had other things going on, such as emailing your friends your credit card numbers? We call this type of problem a Trojan Horse, because it does one thing, but secretly does something else.

Computers have no sense of privacy, ethics, or wisdom. A computer sees every command as something it should do. IF I type in 2 + 4, I expect it to compute that and give me a 6. If a computer sees a command to email this financial file to some address on the internet, it will go ahead and do that.

It is just like a child. A kid sees a toy in the road, and has no "rules" to look for cars. It just goes and gets the toy because it is supposed too.

This is why it is a good idea to:
* Watch what you download
* Have anti-virus protection installed
* Use accounts that are not Administrators / Root Users for your daily work
* Stay away from freebie sites (called warez). There is often a price to pay
* Have a firewall
* Stay informed

Take care, and good luck



Thanx a lot both crunchie and kc0arf... =) You've been to big help. And also I learned something about computer-viruses! A big thanks to both of you guys.

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