Hello everybody, now even I have a problem identifiying a virus.. this virus can change directory's to <an infamous Ascii type-like smiley> and an s, just a plain s. Scandisk tells me that they can be fixed and the like, but they just keep on coming back, thats not all, most of the functions of win98 will just stop and show the blue screen of death with fatal error on OE:****** or 0D I can only go to Dos and perform a scan there (which I am doing at this moment with the Kit). Could you help me identify this one?

(just reformatted)
8 GB master boot drive
with a reinstalled win98
and after about the third boot-up the virus reemerged
512 MB's RAM
and a slave drive of 40 GB's, it never found those renamed Directories on there yet.

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Welcome back :) , long time no see.
If you just reformatted, you should not have a virus. It's nothing that I have heard of before. A little more info might be required.
Try a couple of on-line scans to see if anything is picked up.


Hey guys, the virus caught up with me and as you can see it did a great job too! I couldn't connect for a VERY long time. Thank you both for the reply's, because of the interference with the virus I had to reformat again, I am running an online sweep right now. So far it didn't find anything yet. And about the slave drive, I bought it in a store with good reviews and so far as I know is brand new with a udma of 133 mhz.

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