I've had Adaware Professionl 6.0 (the full version) for quite some time now, it's updated to

Adaware SE Personal 6.2. (, updated) is FREE, but and newer than my older full version, so should I keep SE Personal installed and uninstall Adaware Pro? I can't see any difference between the two, really.

Thanks in advance.

I am using Pro...works great

I have both and am undecided as to which one to keep. No sense in having both, so I was wondering if one had an advatage over the other...?

I did notice that my Pro version has Adwatch 3.0 available, but that probably isn't necessary since I am using AVG Anti Virus...

Why is it unnecessary - AdWatch scans for spyware and adware that is trying to install itself on your computer while antivirus software scans for viruses - two completely different things.

I thought AVG scanned for spyware as well, maybe I'm wrong...

I have several different spyware detection programs installed and run all of them on a regular basis. None of the programs detects all spyware, you need more than one for full coverage.

First I delete all files, then reset my web settings, I go to advanced and restore everything to default, then update and run Adaware (clicking yes if asked to run on reboot, IF necessary), then check for Spybot updates and run it also clicking yes on the prompt IF asked, then I check for updates on CW Shredder and run it, and finally restart my PC, if everything went ok, and it usually does, I'm ok, otherwise I have to run Hijack This, and some other things.

Basically, what I am asking is if I am using the best version of Adaware. I realize you have to run more than one program, I'm just making sure I'm running the best version of the program since I have both. Follow?