10 Linux Predictions for 2009

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Everyone wants to know what's going to happen in the new year as if anyone can accurately predict these things. However, one can deduce, with reasonable accuracy, that there will be innovations that are designed to get our attention. This is my list of Linux-oriented predictions for 2009.
The keyword for 2009 is Innovation.

1. Buyouts/Mergers - 2009 will see its share of company buyouts and mergers--all innovation-related. Larger companies will buy up smaller ones with innovative products and services. Many new open source millionaires will be created through these transitions.

2. Gadgets, Gadgets, and more Gadgets - This will be the Year of the Gadget and they'll be Linux-powered. You'll see dozens of new gadgets from phones to home appliances to weather stations come out in 2009 all designed to attract your attention and your money. Watch for rapidly falling prices on these little gems along the way too.

3. Virtualization - Linux-powered virtualization in the form of virtual appliances, virtual services, and hosted solutions are going to overwhelm even the most enthusiastic virtualization afficianados among you. I will have plenty of fodder for my Virtualization column at linux-mag.com as well as posts here on DaniWeb. I expect to see weekly announcements for new products, new services, and new companies popping-up to solve our problems.

4. Desktop Innovations - Ahh, the pet peeve of every IT jock in the business: Desktop Linux. Well hold on to your shorts naysayers, this is going to be one helluva ride through the dark recesses of the Desktop nether regions. Expect big things in the Linux Desktop in 2009 as a true Microsoft killer will emerge from an unlikely source. Windows 7 will be laughable by comparison.

5. Portable Servers - Say what? Oh yeah, get ready for this: Portable Servers. I've written articles on this and now it will happen from commercial sources. Truly portable services on portable servers. You'll be able to provide services to any group, anywhere, any time with these. Want to have a LAN party at a Community Center? Take your WiFi-enabled portable server and get to it.

6. Embedded Systems - This is one area that will enjoy quantum leaps of innovations in the coming year. Embedded Linux systems will power microwave ovens, regular ovens, sprinkler systems, robotic maids, and much more. Get ready for the embedded revolution.

7. Game Console - A major game console manufacturer will switch to Linux for their operating system to power the most innovative game console yet. You think the Wii is cool? Just wait till you see what's brewing elsewhere.

8. Home Automation - New homes will not only be built with green technology, green materials, and more efficient fixtures; those fixtures and technologies will be powered by Linux. Your new home will resemble something from The Jetsons rather than something from contemporary life. For existing homes, there will be packages available to upgrade your home to a "smart" home but it will still pale in comparison to a freshly built home with the innovations built-in.

9. Automobiles - Auto companies need to trim those budgets and executive salaries aside, they need to use some innovative technologies to remedy some of their money angst. Linux-powered car brains with pluggable and programmable modules will arise as one solution. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see new car companies emerge using green technologies and Linux as part of the mix.

10. Cloud Computing - 2009 is going to be a big year for The Cloud and Cloud Computing. Linux-powered Cloud vendors will win out over those who employ other operating systems. Why? Not just costs but the major Virtualization vendors use Linux for their virtual platforms (VMware and Xen). Cloud vendors are going to use technology that's cheap, easy to maintain, commercially supported, and mature--in other words, Linux.

There you have them. My Linux predictions for 2009. The proof of my prophecy won't be available until this time next year. Stay tuned and keep referring to this post over the coming year to check my status. I will refer to this posting as innovations emerge over the coming year.

Do you have any Linux predictions for 2009?

CTT 0 Newbie Poster

This is my prediction:
Big multi-touch all-in-one multimedia PCs, sort of a mix of iphone, imac 25", hp TouchSmart and MPX with boxee or xbmc.
All the technology is there, the HP touchsmart is a 25" multi-touch capable pc. xserver has already multi-input (MPX) capabilities and xbmc of boxee are the most advanced media software out there. just need some one that integrates everything in 1 product and voila!

DeOiD 0 Light Poster

The PS3 is already linux powered....

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster

I believe it was the original plan for Sony to install Linux on PS3's disk but the plan never materialized. They can run Linux but they don't come with it pre-installed.

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