I've a *ix machine and I need to share some folders with Windows users. I use samba for this purposes. Samba is set-up and works fine. All windows users use one id to mount (net use) samba drive. But the problems is that when user tries wrong password 3(or more) times this account is locked up. Since there are too many users that are accessing the server, account is being locked up very frequently. On the other hand security policy doesn't allow guest sharing (sharing by not requiring password) and it doesn't allow increasing number of trials before locking account. Do you have any kind of ideas about solving this? We're ready even to put some intermediate machines if needed. If I can't solve this the we'll have to copy whole content to new machine, periodically.


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Two possible ways:
- Make more users (one for each windows user).
- Make the resource public (with public = Yes or guest ok = Yes) in /etc/samba/smb.conf

There's no sense in putting only a user and only one id to connect. This is a security hole anyway.

If you find it dificult or too much work to do it, try with group policies to manage security. But the only way to have the system secure is managing user accounts.

Another option is to put an automatic unlock script in cron, and let's say, every two days, failed tries will be reset (although the limit was not reached).

Hope it helps.

We've created seperate account for each possible user. This was the best choice considering security policies in our company.
Thanks a lot.

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