You shouldn't post viruses on Daniweb. Especially one as terrible as Windows.

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I can name all of them, and I'm 15. That's not good :P

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Well, wherever your history log is stored, just use [icode]echo "whateverthehistoryis" > "XXX.txt"[/icode]

Or find the history log and copy and paste the file into a new directory.

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[QUOTE=jbennet;597473]yeah i know. Like 90% of my reps come from people who post about once[/QUOTE]
And 90% of your posts should be by someone who posts once..

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A helpful (and sometimes a thread bumper for the sake of repeating what the last person said) member of Daniweb, who I see roaming around all four corners of Daniweb, for the most part. He's in *NIX a lot of the time, helping many people. He plays bass, and his custom title is "Bass guitar god!" He is also a moderator, and has over 10,000 posts (which, if I had, I may have to kill myself).

[B]The Dude[/B]:
One of the, in my opinion, funniest people (and one of the most pointless) on this forum. He usually resides in the Geek Lounge forum, posting funny links, games, and jokes. Hence his 2,250 post count :)

[B]John A[/B]:
One of the most helpful users in the *NIX and Macintosh areas of the Tech Talk forums. He's a moderator. I can say that John A is not only a helpful person, but also a very nice one as well. He also keeps up a blog (in his signature).
Not much more I know about him, though.

He's talking about the textual ads that pop up when you roll over certain keywords.

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Wow, jbennet. Every reply I post, you follow it up with a "yeah, I agree" post.

I can see why you have your 10,000+ posts.

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I like some Emo music, but I'm more into acoustic and alt/punk... D/C!

I just bought The Mystery Tramps' new album, the Cure For The Common Misconception, and I'd say it's much better than the old one.

Oh wait, you don't know who they are... They're a local band, check out their site,; they're going pretty far these days, two albums, playing everywhere, their albums are at Newbury Comics and the likes...

Check em out. The songs All In My Head, A World Like This (which is a remake of a song off of their old album) and Someway Somehow are amazing. edit So is the rest of the album /edit

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Talk in Binary!

Don't post the translation of your binary text unless someone asks you too :cheesy:.

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I have downloaded the 5 images for Fedora Core 5, from Disks 3 and 4 are too large for a cd, and i do not have a dvd burner. suggestions?