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I'm making a software similar to Grammarly in C++. I want to get data from the clipboard, then if a certain sequence of data that is a certain number of letters is contained in it, then it has to be replaced by a predefined string.

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Hello, I recently had to change my Comcast router/modem. My laptop which runs Windows 8.1 does not list new network. My old network is still listed along with all my neighbor's networks. My new Comcast signal is split, 5g and 2.4ghz. All other devices have connected to new network except …

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My laptop seldom leaves my house. When I am not using it I close the lid to put it into sleep mode. I also close the lid when carrying it to another room (or perhaps into the backyard hammock). This causes a minor inconvenience as every time I open the …

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I've only ever noticed this happening while playing a video in vlc media player. I'll have the video playing in full screen with the video's folder in the background. Without touching the mouse, keyboard, or touchpad, the background Explorer window will pop to the front, obscuring the video. I can …

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After complaining for months to MS to stop Edge from adding websites to my Quick Links bar, it seems to have stopped. Nothing was more frustrating than reading some news pages then having to delete a ton of links from Quick Links. Is this your experience?

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My second HDD is 200 Gigabytes (GB). and this HDD has 3 drives but one of the three drives is showing a local disk and can not be useable. why it happened and how can I get rid of it? other drives are working properly. I am using windows 10, …

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I've got a Windows 11 laptop but I need to set it up as a dual boot for Windows 10. The only dual boot I've ever done was Linux/Windows, I've never done a dual boot windows/windows. Should I expect any issues? After installing the additional windows 10 will I still …

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I am running a photo booth application on an old Dell Dimension 2400 PC with Windows 98 SE. We were using an HP2200 Business Jet printer but that seems to have failed and I cannot find another on the web. Any new printer we install has to be already supported …

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Hello, Below is an example of what is happening to SOME, not all of my letters. I have letters that are all drawing from the same spreadsheet yet sometimes there will be a new line started and sometimes not. There doesn't seem to be a pattern. Has anyone else experienced …

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After the latest MS update (22) My bluetooth quit functioning. The icon is there and it is available in settings. The problem is it will not pair with any external bluetooth devices. It will search but never connects with anything ie; keyboards, mice, earphones. Microsoft support could not fix it. …

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I recently fell victim to the latest Windows 11 update - KB5023706. The symptom was intermittent BSODs (blue screen of death). It wasn't until after I had done a thorough slate of hardware and system diagnostics that I came across an online tech article explaining the problem's likely origin. After …

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I'm trying to install Unreal Tournament 3 in Windows 11, but I get the message "Deze app is voor uw veiligheid geblokkeerd" which means "This app is blocked for your safety". What can I do?

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Hi, Recently i install windows 10 in my HP Laptop ProBook4540s.In my HP Laptop wi-fi is not working after installing windows 11 or in wi-fi option airplane mode is showing. Thanks. 1668445884190.png

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I've just upgraded to Windows 11 and there doesn't seem to be a way to when I right-click a file in my dropbox anymore. Has anyone figured out a solution to that? I use this feature all the time in my work, it would be terrible if that's not an …

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I've contacted Microsoft support, Asus support and sony headphone support. I have sony wh-1000xm4 Bluetooth headphones when paired with zenbook up6502z the left and right audio channels are reversed, when paired to any other device the audio is correct, only on the zenbook, tried reset, drivers, headphone firmware, and everything, …

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