Just to confirm the ease I suggested ...
you might like to see this quickly coded Python example:

# findVolForSphereGivenRadius.py #  # 2016-10-02 #

def takeInFloat( prompt ):
    while True:
            return float( input( prompt ) )
        except( ValueError ):
            print( "Only decimal numbers are valid input here. Try again." )

if __name__ == "__main__":
    from math import pi
    PROMPT = "Input a radius to find the volume for that sphere: "
    while True:
        radius = takeInFloat( PROMPT )
        print( "The volume of a sphere with radius {:.2e} is: {:.2e}".
               format(radius, 4/3.0*pi*radius**3 ) )

        if input( "More (y/n) ? " ).lower() == "n":

If you will carefully re-read ...

It's pretty hard to say where the problem could be
without seeing the code IN QUESTION.

Dani ...

I think we have a 'malicious stalker' haunting your normally nice and friendly web space ?

... have things ever got so slack around Dani's place ... in the last several weeks ?

So many ... dead threads ... now ... being resuscitated?

I'm also now thinking ... a very good case could be made, for 'being lazy' ... by NOT keeping up with modern trends in C++ coding, and thus NOT using new coding tools to save your employers time and money :)

Unless that is, he/she is getting paid for your hours worked ...

and thus is ok with you 'padding' the hours ...

coding in unnessary things,

that the compilers are now designed to do for you :)))