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I have connected java with oracle and providing the facility of accessing data on the lan... I have also open a port, but still my java app over lan start very slowly after that it speed up, but at startup its very slow Y? Thank you for any suggestion

import javax.swing.;
import java.awt.
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.text.DecimalFormat;

The Test class is an applet that calulates
ticket prices for a theatre.

public class Test extends JApplet
private JPanel mPanel; // To hold a text field
private JPanel aPanel; // To hold a text field
private JPanel bPanel; // To hold a text field
private JPanel tPanel; // To hold a text field
private JPanel buttonPanel; // To hold a button
private JTextField member; // members
private JTextField area; // seating area
private JTextField ticketnum; // tickets
private JTextField total; // total cost

init method

public void init()
// Build the panels.


// Create a layout manager.
setLayout(new GridLayout(5, 1));

// Add the panels to the content pane.

The buildtPanel method creates a panel with a text
field in which the user can enter whether they are a member
or not.


private void buildmPanel()
// Create the panel.
mPanel = new JPanel();

// Create a label to display a message.
JLabel message1 =
new JLabel("Are You a Member (Y/N)?: ");

// Create a text field for the Member temp.
member = new JTextField(10);

// Create a layout manager for the panel.
mPanel.setLayout(new FlowLayout(FlowLayout.RIGHT));

// Add the label and text field to the panel.

private void buildaPanel()
// Create the panel.
aPanel = new JPanel();

// Create a label to display a message.
JLabel message2 =
new ...
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Majestics 84 Posting Pro

Please remove me from this website. I am feed up getting digest and threads from this website. Thank you in advance, please email me after removing my information.

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Idiot, don't you see that search bar is open for all and i can see utorrent in them directly , all i need a experience programmer help for a good start not little snort like you. Go to hell.

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Majestics 84 Posting Pro

I want to design utorrent client for my semester project in java, can anyone tell me where should i start and what are the necessary steps for this, also if any useful website and information. Thank you.

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Try to use Codes in Coding tags
Try to use cout statement out of looping statement .

[Code] #include

       int main()

int arr[10];
int i,j,sum=0,flag;

cout<<"Enter the Integers : ";
     cin>>arr[i];  //Loop Takes ten integer 
      flag=0;                   // Flag is assigned 0 intially
      if(arr[i]==arr[j])         // Any integer repeat then flag becomes 1   
   if(flag==0)                    //If any integer is repeated then it is not counted
 cout<<" Sum is :"<<sum;             //Sum is displayed

 return 0;



I think it might help you..


define n 4

void main()

float table[n];
int no=1,i;
float x=0;
float d;
for (i=0; i<n; i++)
printf("Enter the number %d : ", i);
scanf("%f", &table[i]);
for (i=0; i<n; i++)
if(x==0 && i!=0)
if (no==0)
printf("\nThe division cannot be made");
printf("\nThe division is %f ", d);
It will Help you !

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