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this is the task given to me guix i hope you can help me
Create a program that will read the data from a file and save the output in another file
1.Create an input file named CS122Grades.
2.The contents of the input file should be the names,midterm grades and finalterm grades of 5 students (grades are from 0-100)
3.Create a main program named FinalGradeCalculator.
4.The main program will read the names,midterm grades,and finalterm gradesof the 5 students and compute the final grade (50% midterm+50%finalterm)and determine the remarks whether the student passed or failed (passing grade is 75)
5.The man program will save the outputin a file named CS122FinalGrades.The content of the output file should be the name of the student, the final grade and the remarks with labels.
6.The program shoundappend new data to your output file.

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