Hi there

I am fairly new to the development side of web design as i specialise more in the graphics side of things.

However i am trying to improve my development side and just needed some general advice about something or even a point int he right direction.

I have a client that owns a golf club and they are looking are redesigning their website. My client would like a Diary adding to their site which would allow someone who works for the golf club to log into an area and then add events to the diary so that anyone visiting the website can see up and coming items.

My client sent me this link which has the type of thing he is looking for......

Is this created using PHP MySQL? I do nto need my diary to be as complex as this one. The items that are listed within the diary do not need to interactive.

I just need to produce a diary that allows someone to log in and add new events or remove events. Just simple text amendments really.

Thanks in advance for any help

Yes you ca use PHP & MySQL or any other technology able to work with database. Design and implementation is realy your choose. So if you like to make just month view where you make colour diference from ordinary day to day with some event at club. Add interactivity to maybe get one of this PHP fancy frameles windows to display info or any other action you like. Login is simle matter (I hope), that will enable authorized user to pick a day from calendar ( I think there are some PHP functionality for it) and event description that will be stored in database and presented to user when he/she access site

Thanks for your help Peter.

What type of criteria should i be typing into search engines in order to get relevant tutorials to help me?

I have typed things like CMS etc but i tend to get quite complex examples which dont seem to answer query.

Is it member login aspects that specifically help me with this or is it basically all PHP and MySQL related topics?

Thanks again

Which part are you having problems with the login or the form where the person can post information or is it the pulling the information out of the database and displaying it for someone to see?

What you actually want to do is extremely simple. I personally learned to do this kind of thing by reading a book on PHP and MySQL web design to get the basics on how to do some of the stuff then I just started looking over the PHP manual (found at php.net) for specific functions or when I forgot how to use a specific PHP function.

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