i'm using vb.net 2005 express + mysql connector to connect to mysql database.
i want to save image into mysql database. so i've created a table with img field as longblob.

to save the image, first i convert it into byte() and then insert into the table.

the problem is the maximum image size it save only 13b
whereas it should be more than that. ??? please, help ?

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The typical solution to this is not to save the image in the database, but the path to the image (or any large binary file for that matter).

MySQL can handle binary data but it is hardly worth the effort getting it to work - the actual image itself can't be searched or modified by the database anyway, so what's the point of putting it in there?

MySQL is in my database server while user are connecting to the system from client pc. I want to share the image with other user too.

If i put file path in the table, i don't know what is the correct path to save to make sure all user will have the right path to the image + how will user download the image form the server. ???

yes please help I am having the same problem

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