I am currently testing replication on mysql 5.0.9 running on Win XP Pro on 2 servers , one as a master , and another as slave , basic master-slave configuration. The slave have 2.5 GigaB of RAM,300GB SATA2 HD & on Intel 2.4ghz Core Duo and the master have 1 GigaB of RAM,200GB SATA HD & on Intel 2.0ghz Core Duo , which means the master server not as powerful as the slave server. Is it OK ? Which one requires more processing load , the master or the slave ? and why if you could explain (or at least provide the link)....Thank you

Which server will bear the most of the load? You must be aware of the fact that all INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE etc queries should go to master server. But you can SELECT from either of the 2 servers.

If your application is not WRITE intensive and you are not going to give heavy SELECT load on master then master configuration is enough. Make sure master server must have good I/O rate.