Ok - so I have what should be a simple pull into an array for display in a form - however, I am getting this error: Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in ...Database.php5 on line 30

Basically, the function is built in Database.php5

function fetchRow($result)
		return mysql_fetch_assoc($result);

Then the function is called from another function in utilities.php5 as follows:

function getAllSizes()
		$data = array();
		$result = $GLOBALS['DB']->exec("select * from pricing");
		while ($row = $GLOBALS['DB']->fetchRow($result))
			$data[$row['picSize']] = $row['picSize'] . ": " . $row['price'];
		return $data;

And of course that function is called from the page I actually want to display it like so:

$all_sizes = getAllSizes();

Then the page is supposed to display it within a table (for better formatting) like so:

foreach (array_keys ($all_sizes) as $picSize)
		list($size, $price) = split(":", $picSize);
		print '<tr><td>' . $size . '</td>';
		print '<td><input type="text" name="' . $size . '" size="15" value="' . $price . '" /></td></tr>';

All I am trying to do is pull two columns out of a database and load them into an array - I have given up on a multidimensional array because it wasn't working for me - so I figured I could use the split function... For whatever reason - I can't get past the error with mysql_fetch_assoc... Doesn't make any sense. I have checked and double checked all semi-colons, table and column names for the database, and every quotation mark... If you have an easier solution or can tell me what is wrong with this one - please do - I am open to suggestions...


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Normally it would mean that the connection has not yet been established or an error in your query.

Perhaps the exec() function is returning something different from what you are expecting ?

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