I hope I have the right forum for this.

This is a tricky one....I think! I have a reporting services report that runs off a csv file using integration services 2005. The report is based on a link between two tables linked by cc. The cc field links to an email address which is then shown on the report.
I now have a report which groups by the cc/email.


Page 1 data - (cc) = AAAA = (email) AAAA@AAAA.com
Page 2 data - (cc) = BBBB = (email) BBBB@BBBB.com
etc. etc.

Is there a way that I can deliver these specific report pages to the specific email address shown on the page? So I would like to send page one ONLY to AAAA@AAAA.com and page two ONLY to BBBB@BBBB.com

Any help would be really appreciated.


Have I asked something that can't be done?

Also forgot to mention I want to send this report out via sql subscription.

Could this be done by having some code within the subscription that looks at cc = email table?