I wanted to make use of a algorithm script for computing scores nd though i started doing it with a single database, i after testing script, decided to get a master and score databases both having same tables and data. I imported 2.5 GB of data dump to both databases.
Later when all was set up, I just dropped a table from both databases and tried importing that table and related data with a updated table dump. Unfortunately power went and since i didnt had any backup, my linux box got off.

I dont know why, my mysql server does not start after it. Did it crash as it was half way importing data... How should i go from here? Should i reinstall my mysql server...

Environment: LOCAL
Mysql : 5.0+
OS : LInux
PC used for do development and testing.
I request some pointer and suggestion from experts here..

With regards,


did you try to start it manually

/etc/init.d/mysql start

did you try to start it manually

/etc/init.d/mysql start

I think, linux on boot up tries to recover the crash but fails. I added safe mode to my.cnf and still, it starts and ends quickly. Finally, Ystrday evening , fed up, I kicked myself for a fresh installation. :(

so you got it all worked out now?

Yeah, it seems like innodb buffer memory increase configuration and power failure amidst import did the cheat. NOw again got a new server up.

Thanks buddy for concern.