I design a database on Mysql , one of the tables is call 'account' which contains user related information like username, email address etc.
Due to large amount of user data running in millions of record, I have decided to partition the account table. The first partition should contain username starting with A - G, second partition H - O and the last partition from P - Z.

Also, I plan to index with username field
Please help me with the query for table creation and inserting data on the table.

Thx in adv.

I am surprised at your patience, you have waited 19 days for the answer towards this post. Hasn't this crossed your mind even once during these 19 days that you might have already long solved your query if you had have taken the pains to search on the internet for the solution ? I am definitely sure that you might have got piles of articles on that partioning stuff, if it can be done or atleast get a clear-cut NO if it cannot be done so that you could have started looking for alternatives.