Hi Group ,

A small Query ,I need to know how can I notify a new row entry in a table.

to be more specific I have a table Users If at all a new users registers from web his details are stored in database.
i would like to know is there any way to knwo the new row entry.

If so please let me know.


Perhaps send an email to yourself when 1 row is updated after the adduser query?

... php code for query...

if @@rowcount > 0
... php code for mailing the admin

Oh look, there's a daniweb thread on sendmail!


Thanks for the early reply

But my issue is slightly different say a user has registred ie.. a new row is updated in User table ,in the user table there is a feild Message I simply want the feild value ie.. message sent by user,should move to another table, when ever a new row is updated.