I got referee and project as two of my tables need help finding other based on this and know what kind of relationship it is and what the assumptions are.

Leeds Met students and staff have the opportunity to volunteer on community and conservation projects at home and abroad. Projects will incorporate a variety of activities and tasks. Overseas projects will mainly take place in the summer vacation although there will be trips running at other times during the year. Overseas project length will range from one to four weeks, while home projects could be one semester or a whole year.

We need a database system that will hold the information regarding project specific information about the teams of volunteers who go on the overseas volunteering trips including medical information, flight information, next of kin, project specific information about mentors and mentees.

We also need to be able to hold contact information on the community groups and charities that we work with. And the information from our community partners about volunteering opportunities so that we can then promote these opportunities through a mailing list for members interested in voluntary work here at home.

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I think your ERD fulfills your requirements but it's not clear, if you work with team to develop this application try to brainstorm the design of ERD

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