I have an mssql database that I need to migrate to mysql. For some reason though any queries to any columns of type datetime are returned in French in the following format:

7/avr/2004 14:00

This also includes all the text of an SQL dump which not surprisingly makes mysql unable to read the dump from the MSSQL db. I've checked that my windows regional setting is set to English. I'm at a loss as to why this is happening or how to fix it. I just need them to be in mdy h:m:s format. One interesting thing I've noticed also is that if I look at the tables via the MSSQL Server Manager the dates are displayed as mdy h:m:s Thanks! -adam

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As SQL shows date fields in correct format (like you want) so the problem in your third party that maps data types between SQL Server and MySQL. Check if you can configure mapping processing to enforce your third party to convert in that format do or check the technical support of the product .

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