Hello everyone !

This mysql user management fcking damn BULLSHIT (i think we can state it) begins really to drive me mad..

I got a win 2003 server running mysql, somehow i lost root access from the localhost meaning that i'm actually unable to make a backup from my database, meaning my customer who won't be happy to hear that..

from another pc, i'm able to connect with the mysql administrator gui, but since it's not on the localhost i can't make any backup...

unable also to run the console from the localhost for the same source problem i guess..

isn't there any simple way to reset all this access shit ? this seems so UNlogic to me..for god's sake if i got the root pass, if i own the server, LET ME PER DEFAULT DO WHAT I WANT FROM WHERE I WANT..grrrr

sorry but, you know..murphy's law, i just need a backup NOW and it's at this point that this bullshit begins to fck with me..

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I don't understand, how you can connect remotely and yet are unable to do a backup. If that user has grant rights, just create a new user with full rights on localhost.


i don't know how that's all the problematique..

fact is from remote i can connect with root, from localhost i can't.

now, from remote, connected with root, with the admin console i can't modify user settings, there's a message saying something like "this can only be done from localhost".

i can neither have access to the backup function..now i can clic on backup, but none of my schemas are displayed (connected as root)..

that's what is completely weird..i'm connected as root, but (i guess) depending from WHERE i'm connecting as root, i haven't all right's..it's a complete non-sense

but i found a work around :

1) stop the mysql service


in a dos prompt :

mysqld --skip-grant-tables

in another :

mysqladmin -u root -p flush-privileges password "newpwd"

mysqladmin -u root -p shutdown

3) start mysql service

you maybe have to relaunch the command a few times..when i did it, the 2 first times, it gives me an error, the 3rd time it passes..weird

i'm running the latest version of mysql community server on a clean 2003 server..there's nothing special with this..

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