Hi to all,
this the first post in the forum and i have some of questions need to be made in SQL Statements..
i tried to answer some of them and the other i don't how to make it.. so plz help me becauze i'm a new in SQL language.. ASAP..
i will apprciate your efforts ..
these are the question:
1)List the customers who shopped at the store the first seven days in June.

2)What was the most expensive item sold in July?

3)What was the most expensive item sold in July?

4)List the cats that are brown and cost less than $300, or any brown female animal
priced less than $150.

5)Which employee placed the most expensive order in August?

6)Did the store sell more cats or dogs in the first quarter?

7)List the products with a list price greater than the average list price of all

8)List the cats that took longer than average cats to sell.

9)Which merchandise items with more than 100 units on hand have not been ordered in 2004? Use a sub query to answer the question.

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