I want to create a data base so that i can keep record of individuals and search their record easily

Students under go different personality tests and checked by three different teachers of differnt departments. After their test these three teachers sit in a meeting to discuss each student in their field. the results have been then compiled based on their grades.

it is a continuous process, so we make batch of some students and each batch has a alphabatical identity for example "ABCD" and each student is allloted with a number e.g "1 - 10" if a group comprises of 10 students. Now each teacher checks him and gives him grades separately. The grades are in alphabets like A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C1, c2, c3, d1, d2, d3, e1, e2, e3. After meeting they decide in which grade he should be placed.

so i want a data base in which the batch identity and number should be his identity, name of student, grade given by each teacher along with teacher names and over all grade for that batch, commencing date , end date, their intelligence and mechanical test grade (in numerics), Group position (in numerics), and their quiz test number.

so i can search by batch number, whole group should be displayed, by name, by individual grade, over all grade, teacher name, grp position, intelligence, mechanical grades

can any body help and guide me inmaking this type of data base,

have you any Idea, how to make any kind of this in access. if not please see some example and gather some Idea and then start . I think it is better for you.