Please see this:

WARNING [1024] Error while executing query:
select event_type, EventId, VenueId, Price, Schedule, ev.startDate, ev.endDate, events.name eventname, movies.name moviename from `eventvenue` ev, `events` left join (movies) on (movies.ID = ev.EventId) where events.ID = ev.EventId and VenueId = '493' and ((ev.startDate >= '2010-04-25' or ev.endDate >= '2010-04-25') or event_type = 'movies') order by moviename asc, ev.startDate asc
1054:Unknown column 'ev.EventId' in 'on clause'

This query was working fine in mysql 4.1, but not in mysql 5.1. Can anyone please give me any pointers? Thank you for your time!

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So this query worked:

SELECT ev.event_type
     , ev.EventId
     , ev.VenueId
     , ev.Price
     , ev.Schedule
     , ev.startDate
     , ev.endDate
     , e.name eventname
     , m.name moviename 
  FROM eventvenue ev
  JOIN events e
    ON e.ID = ev.EventId
  JOIN movies m 
    ON m.ID = ev.EventId 
 WHERE ev.VenueId = '493' 
   AND ((ev.startDate >= '2010-04-26' OR ev.endDate >= '2010-04-26') OR ev.event_type = 'movies') 
    BY moviename ASC
     , ev.startDate ASC

However, I'm having a problem with another query now, that was working in4.1 but is not working in 5.1:

SELECT * FROM locations WHERE MATCH (Name, StreetAddress1, StreetAddress2, Area, City, Pin, Reviewer, CategoryKeywords, ProfileText, UserNames, UserComments) AGAINST ("+isb*" IN BOOLEAN MODE) limit 1

Will greatly appreciate any pointers!

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