I am having a really annoying problem when trying to set up a foreign key in my database... I have two tables - Sell and Category

I want the 'c_id' from the Category table to be the foreign key for 'p_id' in the Sell table. Both tables are InnoDB and both fields are the same datatype. Here is the query and the error:

ALTER TABLE `sell` ADD FOREIGN KEY ( `p_id` ) REFERENCES `ece60363`.`category` (

MySQL said: Documentation
#1452 - Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`ece60363/#sql-1f3b_937c`, CONSTRAINT `#sql-1f3b_937c_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`p_id`) REFERENCES `category` (`c_id`))

Category table:
c_id smallint(5) unsigned NO PRI NULL auto_increment
c_category varchar(50) YES NULL
c_parentid smallint(5) unsigned YES NULL

Sell table:
p_id smallint(5) UNSIGNED No auto_increment
//other fields

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hello people,

I think the problem that is there a mismatch in the data in both table so you should empty both tables or look for the mismatch and fix it

Your sincerely
Saif Ad'den Dwekat

The problem probably was not a data mismatch but a data type mismatch. InnoDB requires exactly the same data type in relations, so you cannot link an integer(11) to an integer(5) field.

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