i am a new access user and i have been asked to create a database for students in our college. well i never knew i would need to to alot of work but clearly i can barely start.
i need to put student details i.e name, age , class, room number, registration number and the likes but its proving alittle bit hard. i have no experience with access and i am also new in the programming world. so i need help in how to create this database. i am willing to learn been given a week but clearly ive wasted a whole two days already. i am willing to learn cause i was never taught anything about access in school. thank you. :scared:

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That's a pretty big question to answer in a forum. I would recommend going through an Access tutorial or finding a good introduction to Access book. Having said that, the process of database programming is usually made up of the following steps:

1) Identify the tables you will need
2) Identify the relationships between the tables
3) Identify the fields that need to be in each table
(The above steps can just be done on paper; once you know the design of the database, you can start programming it)
4) Create tables and fields in Access
5) Create forms for users to access and modify the data
6) Create reports so users can print out relevant data and make decisions/share information with those who need it.

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