tushartyagi Newbie Poster

There are 2 questions that I have.
After banging my head with mysql server for more than 4 hours, I've given up. The mysql server will start mysql service on windows 7, but will not start another service. (Is this somehow related to admin rights of 7. I am an admin by the way.)
It won't start even the basic mysql service on windows XP and there is a socket related problem on my slackware 13.0. I've searched everywhere on the internet and the tweaks which work on other people's pc will not work on mine. So here are the questions:

1) I have ~8 GB of data of mysql. This includes ibdata file, 2 my.bak1/2 files, 2 err files, 1 pid file and some folders. Since mysql service is created on my windows 7, I tried overwriting the data folder of mysql service with the data I have. I stopped the service before overwriting but it wont start again :( . Will this work? If yes then am I doing something wrong.

2) Can the data I have somehow be imported into postgresql? How much does postgres differ from mysql. And since everyone at work has mysql installed, how will it affect me?