As the title goes how can i transfer a table from one DB to another
but first i need to delete the table1 from DB1 coz table2 from DB2 has the same
name as table1...

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There are probably around 100 ways to do this.

If you are new to SQL Server, the easiest way will probably be the export data task.

From the Management Studio, right click on the database of the source table. Hover over "Tasks" and then select "Export Data..." Follow the instructions.

Post back if you have any issues.

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ok followed steps now it says copy all tables or write a query to specify data to transfer what kind of query do i need to just copy one table?


Select "Copy data from one or more tables or views". On the next screen, click the checkbox for the table that you want to export. Also, verify that the destination table is correct.

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