There are lots of stand alone programs (sqlitespy, sqlitestudio, etc) that give you nice spread-sheet style access to tables:

but does anyone know of a web based way to do this?



@rch1231, that doesn't seem to be web based?

@pritaeas, that is for MySQL. You were supposed to read my mind and know I was trying to use SQLite3 :)

I did, but I thought you'd read mine too... Surely you're able to tweak it ;)

I am confused as to why you would believe that either a PHP page or ASP page would not be web based... PHPMaker generates the PHP pages that allow you to access several different types of database on a web server (MySQL, MS SQL, etc.) and one of the options for the list page is Grid edit.

From their features page:
Optional Grid-Add, Grid-Edit, Inline-Add, Inline-Copy, Inline-Delete, Inline-Edit right in the List page.

It is really pretty slick giving you drop-down lists, radio buttons and table lookups within the grid edit section that you have on the individual add pages.

All you have to supply is the database and a server running PHP that is accessible to the web.

Oh I see, I just saw the screenshot that looked like a standalone application and assumed it was a standalone application - but I guess it is, but generates a webpage. Also yuck, it's not open source :( When I start to find bugs they will never be fixed! haha. Also, I don't know if we have the budget to buy something like this - the free-er the better :)

Also, it doesn't look like it supports SQLite?


If you're working on a worthwhile project and it can't afford a budget of about $150, it's not really a worthwhile project, is it?

Although I didn't notice it supporting SQLite either.