I was told to build a application that will encrypt data and migrate data from one database platform to another platform.

Please i do not hae a clue where to start from as i am a newbie to database.

Any info will be well appreciated

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get2tk, you first need to identify what tables you want to migrate from Microsoft's SQL Server to Oracle. Once you have identified these tables, create these tables on the Oracle table exactly like they are on SQL Server (on SQL server, explore the attributes and attribute type of each table, and make an exact equivalent one on Oracle). Then for each one of these tables, "dump" (export) the data from SQL Server. I recommend exporting it as a CSV file. Then on Oracle, once you have created the tables, use a script of some sort to import the CSV file into each table. The data will not be encrypted in the CSV files but perhaps you can use a compression program for the CSVs that encrypts the files. Here is a helpful link: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms141209.aspx. Good luck.


You need to do a lot of other work before starting actual data migration.

1. Field mapping.
2. checking for data type compatibility
3. how to handle LOB columns


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