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My question is,

At, the server side i m using 10 G and at the client side i m using 9i when i use export utility then it create the dump file but when i try to import it then my command prompt doesnt show any progress of import the file and it is hanged can please tell me the reason why such kind of thing is happen when i m using different version of oracle any solution of this problem ???

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One problem is the files produced by imp and exp are not backwardly compatible. That is if you use the 10g version of exp to create a dump file, you can't use the 9i version of imp to import the data.

In this case you need to use the 9i version of exp, connected to the 10g database, then use the 9i version of imp to import the data.

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You need to use same version of EXP/IMP or EXPDP/IMPDP for database export and import.

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