I just tried to install IIg on my laptop. It seems to have worked, but there were issues. The program couldn't find several files during the install process, but still seems to have worked. What did not was the config part where it looked for a template file. I had no idea what that was about, so it just stopped right there.

I can call up sqlplus on the terminal. It asks for my user name. I tried using the user name on the computer. It doesn't like that.

Any suggestion on getting forwarder?

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You need to heck if database is configured and the service is running. To log in into database you need to provide database username and password not windows credentials.


but I don't have that information. It would be cool. Where would I find it?


Must have happened in the configuration step, which failed.


It did not. It did flash a screen with my system information. But it asked for nothing


Better let a professional do the job of installation and configuration of database for you.

part of the goal here is to become sufficently skilled as to become a professional.

I do notice the configuration screen is looking for files I don't have. What files should I have before I begin the process?

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