Hello All,

I have a sorta unusual problem (not too sure where to post it either), it goes like this:

I am currently using MS Visio 2007 to Reverse Engineer some tables in an Oracle database, MS Visio lists the tables using unprintable characters (lots of little squares). Because of this I am unable to read the listing of table and view names.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much.

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If you have access to an Oracle database,
can't you go into the database using some sort of tool
(SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, PL/SQL Developer, TOAD, etc.)
and just look at the schema in question?


I do use TOAD and I am able to look at the schema in question using that. The reason for using the MS Visio Reverse Engineer feature is so that I can create an ERD for the application using the relevant tables (this schema has a lot of tables not pertaining to my application).


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Well... I haven't used MS Visio for Reverse Engineering.
Sorry that I can't help.

Ok, thanks much though.

I am using the Relationship feature in MS Access to import that tables, but it only does that...allow me to create the relationships and doesn't show the PKs...

MS Visio usually displays all the table of the database. You need to select tables related to your schema only. Tables of all other schemas will be qualified by respective schema names.

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