Could you please explian this code so it will work,

{ "display all from tablename colloum_id in a random order " }

I am trying to get all the data echoed into a random string ie.

echo = "3,4,5,6,7,3,2,6,3,22,43,132,ect.

not in a table.


SELECT * FROM table_name ORDER BY rand()

Note that this is apparently intensive on the server due to the way random works. You maybe better off to extract the data and randomize in code, especially if you want to output it in a particular way.

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right, so i dont need to specify a pictuler column then?

I did read about it taking a long time to do the random() I was thinking of putting a loop in so it
pulls a random {} echo "9" pause {10} loop back to pick a Random{}echo {4} ect till end of data base,
did not think of your way to bring it all out then random it,

Thank you hericles.

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