I have an sql table that stores English words and second table that stores meanings of those words in related maner.
Here are some informations about table structures:

Table1 name: Words
WordID int IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, //This is primaryKey
Word varchar(50) NOT NULL,

Table2 name: Meanings
MeaningID int IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, //This is primaryKey
WordID1 int) NOT NULL, //This is foreinKey
WordID2 int) NOT NULL, //This is foreinKey

All I want is that, use the WordID from the table “Words” as the word I want to give a mening and store it in WordID1 column of the table “Meanings”. Also use the WordID from the table “Words” that corresponds to the meaning of the word I select and store it in WordID2 column of the table “Meanings” as meaning of that word.
When I try to insert the record, using sql management object, I receive a forein key conflict constranct.
So can anyone help me overcame this?
Please help!

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you are trying to insert wordid in wordid1 or wordid2 which do not exites in table words

I agree with utrivedi. My guess is you've used the graphic environment to join the 2 tables and see only the 2 word fields and it didn't work. What you need to do is insert both words in the Words table and then insert their "relationship" in the Meanings.

I feel that a foriegn key must be a primary key to some other table.WordID is a primary key to words table ,so this column can be used as a foriegn key to meanings table where as wordid1 and wordid2 are not primary keys, so these columns can not be used as foriegn keys.

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