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I'm extending a website built in ASP.NET to display Spiceworks reports - basic SQL queries. The easist way (with my knowledge) is to connect to the Spiceworks db through both Management Studio and Visual Studio. I have therefore followed this 'how to' in this forum, plus a few others, to create the ODBC SQLite3 driver, and set it all up in both applications.

Though the connection test is successful in both, and the open connection appears in the database explorer views, I cannot see any tables within.

In Visual Studio 2010 there is an open connection to the db, but all I can see is the connection name and under it the empty containers; Tables, Views; Procedures.

In Server Management Studio 2008, under the open Spicework connection I get; Catalogs > System Catalogs (empty)

If it's any use, the connection string is:


I did read in another post a reported issue with slow response time displaying all the Spiceworks tables, but I do not believe this to be the case here as the 'expanding' message does not appear.

I've also tested the connection through MS Excel > Get External Data >... and, again the connection works (with the expected warning "This data source contains no visible table"), but continuing with the instruction of clicking OK & checkboxing only 'tables' - the wizard still shows NO tables.

And before anyone asks; yes, I have tried the Spiceworks forums (here) with no response yet and would value anyone's opinion or advice.


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