Hi everyone, just wanted to know what type should i use in mysql database to store the urls (for linking purposes) of videos(from youtube,vimeo) and slides (from slideshare)...i just want to store the urls not the whole video..for tht i wud use directory/ file functions.. please help... helpful comments will be appreciated :)

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A VARCHAR[255] field should allow sufficient space for the URLs.

thnakyou so much
any other thing that should be mentioned while saving these types of fields in mysql?? actually iam new to mysql n php so dont have an idea what else should be used.. tanhks in advance :)

@smantscheff -
I did wonder whether to suggest a longer length, but the likelihood of a URL being that long is very unlikely in my opinion.

@Rui_2009 -
My only other suggestion would be to not include the host name in the URL for files hosted on your server. This will make it easier to move between development, staging and live environments.

For Youtube, Vimeo URLs, etc, you'll obviously need the full URL.

yes i would need the full url thanks all :)

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