Hi all. I hope I chose the forum to post in, it's an in between kind of question. I'm looking into options to develop my final year project. It's a formative assessment of a theoretical course to grasp students' understanding. The focus is on the ability of students to relate learning materials rather than the grade.

Anyhow, I'm considering using Adobe Captivate and MySQL (free web hosting because will be sharing the data) for the database. I've been doing some reading but couldn't find what I wanted to know: can I export questions (and related data eg. from which chapters are the questions from) from MySQL into Captivate? I just read about Captivate 3 not being able to do that, has that changed for Captivate 5?

I'm looking into MySQL instead of the Question pool in Captivate because I might store user info in the database as well, like their assessment result.

This is how I intend for the system to work, if it's possible:
1. The questions to be exported from MySQL into Captivate.
2. After user answers the question, his/her result is updated and also sent to Javascript for plotting of network graph (using d3 or Sigma).

I've a long way to go so I'm only concerned about the first part at the moment. I hope someone can point me to the right direction. Thank you.


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I suggest you contact Adobe support or sales.

Haven't gotten to that yet, but reading through articles has helped a lot. It is possible to play with custom variables within Captivate. I don't need to be exporting questions from database which should save me some time.

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