My web hosting provide will charge me extra money if I want to do backup to my mysql database. My size of my db is very small but I've alot of tables though.

What's the best way to backup my database schema and data in a way so I can easily restore to a different server from scatch?

Can you tell me not only how to backup and also how to restore from the backup?
I don't have like a backup drive or tape. So it has to be something easy to do.

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Hi Vincetas

Is your hosting company allowing to use phpMyAdmin to access the databases. If it does you
can use the export facility on phpMyadmin. Just select all the database and select all the tables you want to backup and restore and export as an SQL dump of the DB.

And you can restore using phpMyAdmin or even using mysql client at the command line.

Let me know if this helps.

phpMyAdmin export is the best and safest way to back anything up to be honest

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