hello,i have a column in my database named 'skills' where all the skills of a person are saved. if i want to find a person with multiple skills like he should be professional in cpppl,javapl,actionscriptpl,matlabpl i will do query like this

select email from table where skills regexp 'javapl' and skills regexp 'cpppl' and skills regexp 'matlabpl'.

now i wanna know if its a good practice or not.will it takes more space while searching?..is there any other method to search using lesser memory? should i change the architecture of my database for faster reads ??indexing is an option but it consumes a lot of space on hard disk so we are not considering it.

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should i change the architecture of my database for faster reads

I'd prefer a separate skills table linked to a person. Regexes are slow.

Why would you not use indexes? Harddisk space is the cheapest storage there is, so that can't be the reason.


dear sir,
when i indexed my data ..indices take 20 times space than all the tables combined...indexing is not an option if u consider having data in terabytes..

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