Hi Guys.

I have the following scenario:

  1. I have build abig management database at our HQ and it is to be fed from several databases spread across regions.

2.I only want to have records of specific tables from those distributed databases be sent to my central database.Changes in Those tables should also be effected in the central DB.

  1. The syncronisation/replication process should be scheduled and work automatically.

  2. The purpose of the central DB at the Head-Quarter(HQ) is for detailed analysis and decision making purposes. That is why I want a tool that can graphically allow an administrator to select and connect to a remote table and schedule it to replicate its data to the HQ table.

Kindly advise a tool that has such features.

Warm regards.

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What machines are your distributed DBs on? You can set up cron jobs (Linux) or task scheduler (Win) to run an update / sync script. Your remote DB must be able to accept data from your machines - so you have a couple of options AFAIK:

1) Ensure all machines have a static IP address and give them access to the remote DB. Having a dynamic IP will probably mess up the local computer's chance of connecting to the remote DB.

I use SQLyog Enterprise edition (Win) that allows me to run scheduled tasks on a remote DB - but you need a static IP for this.


2) You could send the data to a script, e.g. via curl. and have a remote script (e.g. PHP) update the remote DB.

I'm sure there must be specific software out there that could do this for you, but I've not come across any. There again, I haven't looked :)

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