Hy there!
I have prestashop and i want to export database clients in CSV through Mysql.
I want all the fields possible. Is possible to export their passwords also?I mean MD5.
Can you please help me?

Best regards,
Florea Uwe

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To see which tables are involved check their database schema:

But the question is: you have to do this programmatically or not? If no, then you can use MySQL Workbench:

Otherwise there are few possible solutions, depending on which permissions you have on database system. For example if you have admin access (or file permission) you can probably run:


And repeat this for each table you want to output. More information here:

The same can be done by the mysqldump tool:

By defining the format options:

mysqldump -uUSER -pPASSWORD -T /tmp/ DATABASENAME TABLENAME --fields-terminated-by=',' --fields-optionally-enclosed-by='"' --no-create-info --no-create-db

Replace USER, PASSWORD, DATABASENAME and TABLENAME with your values. To output all the tables of a database simply omit TABLENAME.

This command will create two files for each table in the defined database: tablename.sql and tablename.txt. Due to the given options --no-create-info --no-create-db the .sql files will be empty, and the .txt will hold the result sets.

This command cannot be ran from remote, it requires access to the database system.

Otherwise you have to do it through PHP: query, convert and save to file, check fputcsv():

All these solutions can be run by cron, manually or by a script, it depends on your setup. As I said if you want more specific help, you should share more details.

Hy again!

Well I tried what out with you have offered me but i dont know much about mysql commands and configs.
I have the full sql downloaded in my computer.
I was thinking about send you the mysql database and maybe if you could help me out and I will make a donation:)
So I would need the passwords(not in MD5 because I also tried to copy the MD5 from the export csv of customers in the csv but it doesn`t work) for each account in order to import them into the CSV file for Prestashop 1.6. Or please give me a solution:)

Please give me an email to send you the the mysql.

Thank you a lot!

If your final goal is to upgrade from 1.4.* to 1.6 then have you considered to use their automatic upgrade tool? Here are the links:

Other than that, the passwords in PS14 are stored in the customer table, in PS16 in ps_customer into a varchar(32) column.

So I would need the passwords(not in MD5 because I also tried to copy the MD5 from the export csv of customers in the csv but it doesn`t work)

In both cases the passwords are saved as MD5 digest, so it's not possible to decrypt the passwords because this is not an encrypter, it's an hash function that will return a result that cannot be converted to the original.

I tried to install 1.6 manually but it doesn`t let me update to my current database it lets me install clean version.
It says: Warning: You cannot use anymore this tool to upgrade your store. You already have PrestaShop version installed.

Any idea what to do?

I also tried with the module 1-Click Upgrade but when i want to go to configure it says: Access denied.....
What shall I do?

The 1-Click Upgrade module requires write permissions:

Warning, this module requires write permission in your root directory. Your custom template will not be updated.

source: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/administration-tools-prestashop-modules/5496-1-click-upgrade-autoupgrade.html

Test the upgrade tool on a local copy, then export the local database to the online database, do a copy of original data and try to not replace the working database, just create a parallel database and then switch the connection details to test the imported data.

I tried the module version you gave me but I have the same problem.
I tried with this permissions:
755 for the folder and subfolders of the module
0644 for all the files from each folder of the module
I get the same problem.....
I tried to install the database and files to another hosting but i get redirected to the original one...Can you please tell what and where do i have to change not to get redirect but to use that domain?Ive searched in the settings.inc but it doenst say anything about this....


so, I did a test by downloading the version, setting it up and then upgrading to the latest stable version, i.e. and it's working fine for me.

Are you accessing as super admin? Check the ps_employee table to see if your profile_id is set to 1, if between 2 and 4 then the access to the module configuration could fail.

Once in, before starting the upgrade process, the module should show a checklist which should result all green. A part this I don't think I can help you much more, you should ask to the PrestaShop support, as this module is shipped by them, and let them help you in the upgrade stage.

Regarding the redirect, this does not seem related to PrestaShop, as the config/settings.inc.php file does not set the domain. Check your .htaccess file, if any, to see if there are some rewrite rules with the old domain name.

Hy there!

Well I manage to update by moving all the files to a new hosting and the softaculous helped me automatically update package by package till I got to 1.6.12 :)
Thank you for you best answers:)

I have a question.... how can I add after: example Weight: 400 I want to add gr (Weight: 400gr)

Thank you!

I manged to fix it:)

Good for you :)

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