Hello! I have a problem with a MySQL database that I haven’t been able to solve no matter how much I tried, either with internet guides or with free tools. I really don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to a company so please, if anyone knows of a solution, help me because I’m desperate.

I was running XAMPP 7.1.22 where I had said database and I decided to install XAMPP 7.2.10 without backing up the database. After that, the site wasn’t working so I figured the problem was the database. And indeed PHPMyAdmin wouldn’t recognize it. I reinstalled the previous version of XAMPP and the database was there but unfortunately I could only see the tables. The tables themselves were empty though. So no dump procedure worked and neither the site. Now all I have left is the folder with the database which contains all the .frm and the .ibd files, an .opt file, a .myd file and a .myi file. I also have the ibdata1 file.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you very much for your time.