Hi dudes,

I desperately like to know the best way for learning Oracle including all accessories with regard to that I am fully familiar with database designing and Mssql into the bargain.

Show all ways like all materials,tutorials and so on.

All the best!!!

there are tons of books out there, and Oracle runs a very good education department where you can get professional training.

Hey buddy,
Thank you for regarding.
I know there are dozens of documents out there,what I want is not going to classes and educational courses.
I want to learn Oracle on my own by materials,PDFs,documents and so on and so forth.
would you show me a source of free documents.

thanks a lot

thank you,
What's more, do you have any preference like any special book,source and PDF which u think is one of the best resources for learning Oracle.

like I said, the best way to learn Oracle is to get professional training.
Good books are a substitute if you are working with Oracle as part of a team of experienced professionals who can answer your questions.
And no, we're not here to hold your hand night and day.