hai all

i am undertaking a project of sending sms to mobile phone using sql server 2005,pls guide me how to do that,this is urgent please:'(

Man you don't do that only using SQL 2005 you have to have a program that will get the data from your database and move it towards the SMS system you are using. This program could be a basic VB script or a complicated C++ program it depends on how complex your SMS system/program you are using. I myself wrote my own using C# what the case was that the company I was working for had an agreement with the SMS service provider. And opened an internet connection with a certain port with a certain username and password. What the program did was is got the message from the database and send it to the destination that was agreed on with the SMS provider. I can't give you the codes because that will create security issues. (Since I had written the code only in 15 min...didn't get the chance to encrypt it....) Good luck ... Hope I was of help.