This is Similar to the Previous Snippet, but it puts indivdual pixels of different colors randomly on the screen. Also makes a nice screensaver!

Progam RandColorPixel;

Uses Crt, Graph;

Var GraphDriver, GraphMode: Integer;
     X, Y: Integer;

   GraphDriver := Detect;  {Automatically Detects Graphics Driver}
   InitGraph(GraphDriver, GraphMode, ' ');  {The ' ' is where the BGI Folder is on your HardDrive, for me it is 'C:\TP\BGI'}
   X := GetMaxX;
   Y := GetMaxY;

   While Not Keypressed Do
      Delay(20);  {Delays drawing to once every 20 milliseconds}
      SetColor(1 + Random(GetMaxColor));
      PutPixel(Random(X), Random(Y), 10); {For Some Reason, Pascal wants a third value, I'm not sure why...}
   Repeat Until Keypressed

I thought I had De Ja Vu for a second with the same snippet posted twice ... but then I read and saw it's slightly different.

I've no experience with Pascal. Where could I pick myself up a Pascal compiler to test this out?

kewlness :D....needed a bit of modifying to get it working thou

really basic.

Pascal's third value is the colour for the pixel...

btw, to change an exe to windows screensaver format, just change the .exe to .scr . Then put it into your [main hard drive, usually C]\WINDOWS directory to make it available in Properties (Personalization->Screensaver on Vista).