Another application of the Python Image Library (PIL). This time we are loading an image and rotate it counterclockwise by a specified number of degrees. The image is shown rotated and then saved to the working folder. PIL handles a fair amount of image file formats easily.

# rotate an image counter-clockwise using the PIL image library
# free from:  http://www.pythonware.com/products/pil/index.htm
# make sure to install PIL after your regular python package is installed

import Image

# open an image file (.bmp,.jpg,.png,.gif)
# change image filename to something you have in the working folder
im1 = Image.open("Donald.gif")

# rotate 60 degrees counter-clockwise
im2 = im1.rotate(60)

# brings up the modified image in a viewer, simply saves the image as
# a bitmap to a temporary file and calls viewer associated with .bmp
# make certain you have an image viewer associated with this file type

# save the rotated image as d.gif to the working folder
# you can save in several different image formats, try d.jpg or d.png  
# PIL is pretty powerful stuff and figures it out from the extension
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At this point PIL is only available for Python v2.3, sorry! I hope this will change soon.

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