For those of you who live at home, run this on your parents' computer fullscreen, blue background, white font. Then put the mouse over the block in the upper lefthand corner, and enjoy the show.:twisted:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main(){
    char block=219;
    cout<<block<<"\n\n1.\nError:\nbad_pool_header\n\n<0x011000> <0x011001> <0x011100> <0x011111>\n\n\n\nIf this is the first time you see this message, please reboot.\nIf you have seen this before, please contact your hardware vendor for details."<<endl;
About the Author

It's okay, but there are a couple of things wrong:

1) Nothing happens when you run your cursor over the little block in the left-top corner.
2) It's not blue!
3) What exactly is this supposed to do?

But I know I couldn't have done much better so cheers!

lol_hacker101 :cheesy: