This program uses snipets from a couple of other programs that I put together in order to make a program that displays the time and date and refreshes the time and date every second. I commented practically every line to explain, as far as I know, what it does. If you know of an easier way to do any of the functions in this program or a more in depth description of what each line is really doing, please comment this and I will fix or change what ever I have to and I'll gladly add your name as a contibutor to this program. ^_^

// This program consists of some program snipets that were pieced together by
// #include<DAN.h>. The result of this compilation is a program that displays
// the time and date and refreshes every second.
#include <time.h>   // This includes the time.h header file for getting the 
                    // current time and for waiting
#include <iostream> // This includes the iostream.h header file for input and
                    // output

using namespace std; // Defines the namespace being used

void wait ( int seconds ) // The function used to wait
     clock_t endwait;                                // All of this just tells 
     endwait = clock () + seconds * CLOCKS_PER_SEC ; // the program to wait 
     while (clock() < endwait) {}                    // however many seconds 
                                                     // are in the () after
                                                     // wait in the main part
                                                     // of the program

int main ()
     bool on = true; // this bool is just used to repeat the time display 
                     // after the wait and clear screen
     while (on != false) // repeats whats in the loop
          time_t rawtime;                     // This all just gets
          struct tm * timeinfo;               // and the time and 

          time ( &rawtime );                  // date to be displayed
          timeinfo = localtime ( &rawtime );  // in the next line
          cout << "Current local time and date: " << asctime (timeinfo); 
          // the line above displays the time and date
          wait (1);      // waits 1 second
          system("cls"); // clears the screen for the next display
return 0;
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can you explain whats the function Of #include <DAN.h>?
this kind of syntax are not in my computer library, how can i achieve it?
can i download this syntax header?


first i'd like to thank you vey this powerful code you have made but
iam tryinh\g to do this by using the structure this is required from me to do the time by structures and i face a problem taht the counting of seconds is very fast what can i do to make delay
and also ther is some thing if i want to use the function window() for good interface what should i include for the header file
:( :) ;)


To get this code to work on Linux, just replace the line system("cls"); with system("clear") .
BTW gotta say a very nice and useful piece of code.

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